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Kiros will become famous soon enough

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    Anime Obsessed, Manga Readin, Cartoon Watchin, ChocoboRaver
    Over there
    Anime; Weapons; Art; Japanese Culture(History); Night Life Baby!
    Student, Freelance Artist
    Winter gripped the earth and strangled the life from it. For months the
    sun had shown dim, upon the world, failing to warm even the smallest patch of
    land. Everything seemed to have long since died as spring neared. White
    figures began to rise from the snow, to difficult to make out from a distance.
    Taking a closer look, it appeared to be a group of travelers, nearing
    exhaustion. As the marched onward, the falling show lessened and they
    realized, they had reached there destination, a large city. Inside the city, the
    streets were empty, and nothing could be heard, aside from the groups’
    fatigued breathing. The small group approached what they made out to be the
    inn or pub. One of the travelers slowly reached out for the door knob. It
    turned wearily and squeaked, finally opening. Warmth and a feeling of comfort
    washed over the group as they walked out of the snow and into a room full of
    music and a smell of fried eel.
    The pub was packed, people busy entertaining each other with small talk,
    eating enough to fill there empty stomachs. Enchanting music filling every
    corner of the room. Everything seemed perfect...

    The time of day passed till it the last beam of light faded across the sky. The
    snow ceased to fall and not to far off the sound of music could still be heard
    from the city that lay ahead. Stars twinkled in the sky, that which would
    never stop burning for years to come. The most amazing then happened next.
    One by one the stars light began to diminish, leaving one star to be seen.
    That very star became bigger in the night sky, bigger; and bigger yet. This
    star was falling!? Faster yet the light plummeted toward the earthen ground.
    The star landed just outside the city, causing massive quakes, disturbing the
    land for miles around. For a star, it seemed quite small. The people in the
    comfort of their homes sat still wonder what had befallen them. In the pub,
    people be gain to whisper about the event, what was going on? No one was
    sure, and just as there curiosity got the best of them, a man entered the
    room from outside, a chill coming in with him. Was it the cold air that rushed
    into the room, or the mans presence that chilled the souls of the tavern. The
    stranger looked about as normal as a person could get. His faced looked very
    tired, and his stance was limp as his strolled inward on the scene. His breath
    was short and his body covered by many thick coats, all weathered and
    dusty. His approached the bar, and looked to the women behind the counter,
    her face a look of astonishment. She gazed upon the man, his face so tired,
    but his eyes faded blue, almost translucent, those eyes, stared right back at
    her, as if he was looking into her soul. The women went to speak, but she
    stopped as the man turned around and scanned the room. He then continued
    to walk back over to the door, and for the first time, everyone took notice to
    the man's hair, it was whiter then a fresh sheet of snow. Before leaving the
    man turned to the people all fixated on him, and said...

    "Your telling it wrong, again!"

    Kiros sat atop his horse, riding steadily next to another rider, who held onto a
    piece of paper like it was his will. “Man, if I’m going to be a legend, you gotta
    tell me story right, start over... this time, my hair is blue and my eyes are
    white, get it right."

    The writer slowly turned his view from the paper, "Kiros how many times are
    you going to make me write this, first of all... yours hair is Black, and your
    eyes are hazel...”

    "YEA, but that’s not interesting no one wants to read about some average
    normal looking guy!" Kiros interrupted.

    Sighing, the man began to write again. "Kiros, did you really fall out of the sky
    in a burning blaze, like a star," the writer questioned, looking up at Kiros,
    waiting hopefully for the answer.

    Kiros stopped, and looked off at the horizon then up at the sky. "...of course...”
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