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ShininShado 09-25-2005 05:51 AM

This thread is for family ideas, refinements, any concepts that can make the family better should be posted here.

MattyQ 10-17-2005 10:09 PM

Re: Brain-Storm.
I'd like to flesh out location and hierarchy a little further. I don't really seek to have a serious hierarchy or one at all, but just an idea of what we're considering. Also, Yukie brought up the idea of having a monthly meeting, just to keep us all on the same page. I'm trying to do a little more research about the roots of Pure Land Buddhism, and related branches. I'm also curious if Taifuunome will have an established martial art (like the Shaolin monks) or if it will be more of a personal pursuit.

ShininShado 10-17-2005 10:41 PM

Re: Brain-Storm.
Feedback is welcome on all points. The hiearchy is open to discussion, as is most everything else. I have no real desire to be the "lead" or "head" monk or teacher, but do not want everyone on same level either. The way I am thinking it should be done is either similiar to the caste system or perhaps based on professions/contributions to the Family. Hmmm, maybe we could do some sort of test, similiar to those of Shao Lin monasteries but design or own.

About the martial arts, they don't have to be exact, but I think that a mirror or loose reflection would be interesting and be relatively easy to do. Start with the five major animal categories and then work from there. I'm partial to the tiger, but this is totally open to discussion. Taifuunome won't specialize in one type of martial arts, but aim to excel in any forms available, through traveling teachers like Matt, or whomever joins/shares knowledge with the family. I'm working on a backstory for how we recieved the lore and information about the Shao Lin monasteries, maybe a good roleplay story for Matty would fit into his character. We can form the foundation for our martial arts program, and make it like ceremonial to progress through the different stages. Also thinking of implimenting a tai chi class/section. I envision martial arts being one of the main things our monasteries teach. I guess to answer your question more directly, martial arts will help with physical training, and bring about realizations about the one doing them and the world around them. To this end, they will help the members of the Taifuunome Family become better in balance with their lives and more complete beings. They will not be taught for the violence aspect or even to defeat enemies, but to help strength our bodies, as well as spirits and minds (which is the ultimate goal of the temple).

The monthly meeting, I'm all for, just let me know when and where. I can provide the chat forum if needed in case someone can't get on IRC. All of these ideas can be developed as time progresses, and there's no hurry.

MattyQ 10-17-2005 10:51 PM

Re: Brain-Storm.
Also, where is the Temple...?

Actually, I was going to have my character have trained with a Chinese native before, so it wouldn't be surprising if Shao Lin or Tai Chi had been bridged that way...

ShininShado 10-17-2005 11:04 PM

Re: Brain-Storm.
I envision the temple on the side of a cliff or mountain similiar to the picture on the rustykatana.com page. I like the Hizen province, but am open to whatever where this is concerned. As well, as time progresses, we may have different temples for different specilities. For instance; one temple to teach weaponcrafting, one to teach archery, one to teach calligraphy/translations from Sanskrit/Zen teachings, and one for martial arts, this is just speculation, and would be far down the road.

Feel free to choose the province, and we can make that our "homebase". Somewhere somewhat secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of city life would be preferred as well.

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