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Suchiko 11-20-2008 11:57 AM

Please Clarify...
Are we an actual "family" or are we a gang? Because family members are related, gang memebers aren't. Are we all related in some way? If we are a family, we should have a family tree.

Vahn 11-20-2008 12:09 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
Not all family members are related in the traditional sense, when talking about a family in these times. Others can be "adopted" into the family - such as would be the case with my character.

Senshi's really got the call on this one, I guess I was simply thinking of it as a family though. It wasn't uncommon to have non-blood relations within the large families in these times.

Suchiko 11-20-2008 12:10 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
But there have to be SOME blood relations right? Or we ARE just a gang.

Vahn 11-20-2008 12:18 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
Yes, there definitely would have to be some, you are correct. I don't actually know if Senshi has tackled this with anyone yet? It's a good question though, as I had never really given it much thought.

yuir 11-20-2008 12:18 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
we are a family, ok may be not by blood but by spirt, but one thing we are not is a gang but then again if you could make a family tree, that would be great, we could be sisters:)

Suchiko 11-20-2008 02:20 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
You'll be my sister? Yay! That's so cool ^_^

Senshi 11-20-2008 06:13 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
Technically its a clan, which isn't limited by blood. (though blood relations do play a pretty big part in clans)

Glad to see so many of us active BTW. :) (means we still hold the title for most active members!! :D)

Suchiko 11-20-2008 11:19 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
Question kinda off topic here.. Do I have a job?

Vahn 11-21-2008 02:24 AM

Re: Please Clarify...
We had a thread for that at one time, but it's been in hibernation since 2007. You could seek to revive that, or poke Senshi into creating an updated section.

Gheari 11-21-2008 08:19 PM

Re: Please Clarify...
A clan isn't really as much a family in the western sense as a group of loosely related people that claim common descent, as well as the people that serve them. Also Suchiko I though you were Kumamoto's agricultural head, although my memory may be a bit shoddy. I'm still not sure exactly what role I play in the Ikko, although it might end up being very significant seeing as how I'm one of the only three active/semi-active members.

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