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Default Re: Act 1- Selmo's DND

sorry if I offended, but my characters stats are easily obtainable by a half orc, I merely chose the full orc for the roleplay aspect. it is just my opinion that any level 1 character should get no bonus above a +7, that being a 20 in the related stat and the feat of skill focus (giving an aditional +2). having a +14, you could talk hostile intelligent creatures to at least neutral with a 15 in your roll giving you a 29 total. about all you can't talk down is a creature with an effective intelligence of 6 or less, or something not in its own controll if it is smarter. If your bonus was in one or the other, I could understand, basically you focus on diplomatic solutions or intimidation, but both basically means you have the ability to out talk a 5th level diplomat at first level on any situation. It is just my opinion that an ability that gives such a bonus should be limited to one skill, not both sides of a skill, like a cleric is suppoed to be able to substitute cast heal or harm, depending on his alignment, but not both. same general concept. I hope you understand what I am saying, I am not trying to take away from your good roleplaying, but it is the general concept of the thing that bothers me. you are not showwboating, but most players I have lyaed with that find an ability like that that makes them eclipes everyone else in that field, even specialized characters that merely don't have that specific ability but are supposed to be the same kind of character, they flaunt it. it just bugs me. nothing personal against you. you play the caracter well, it is just the concept of any ability so overshadowing everything else.

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