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Default Re: Act 1- Selmo's DND

You don't have to worry about me making hostile creatures neutral. 3.5 basically prevents the use of diplomacy in battle (aka hostile creatures) by making it take 10 rounds of full actions, or a rushed attempt with a -10 penalty. Intimidation in battle is a good way to waste a full action to make a single enemy "shaken". You won't have to worry about me using such things in actual battle, it's almost pointless.

I don't quite understand what's bad about having two or three good skills, especially in a game that stresses problem solving through brute force. A person that attempts to solve problems through uses of charisma will soon be overshadowed by the more martial classes, I assure you. My charismatic abilities are no greater than a sorcerer, with the exception that I can use them more often. In return, I have a single action in battle that's barely noticeable and no versatility unlike most arcane classes.

Felt the comparison to the cleric was a little funky too. Though they can only substitute their spells for healing or harming, they're still capable of employing both, and being adept at both. Two sides of the same coin, and all that.
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