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Default [Q] Gender Option

What I'm wondering at this point is...

In the game, will you only be allowed to play as the gender you are, or can you create characters of the opposite gender.

I feel that it should be that you can only play as your gender (this would be done by only allowign the player to pick the gender they registered for the game with). 'Why?', you may ask, well, the answer is...

Sometimes male players will choose to play as a girl character because some gamers sometimes give free items and money to female players (for reasons unknown to me, some guys just need to get out more I think).

I do wish that some players wouldn't take advantage of the easily persuaded gamer-boys, as I sometimes prefer a girl character over a guy character, such as with archers and thieves, the female characters often appear more dextrous and agile (this rarely ever has an actual effect in any games, just the appearance suits the character better than a male and some games a job/class is only available for a certain gender). When playing as a female character I try to assure other players I'm just a guy, but sometmes they just won't believe...

Anyways, I was just pondering this recently...
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