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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Kumamoto Jouke- 熊本 譲家
Age: ???
Weapon: Katana
Fighting Style: Kumamoto-Shinkiri-Ryu

Jouke was a man of many mysteries. His biggest mystery was his history. He woke up in the middle of a forest with a headache. The only thing he could remember was his name. He made is way to a city which seemed somewhat familiar to him. He stopped at an inn to spend the night for it was almost midnight. The next morning bandits broke in and demanded money and anything of value. Jouke was woken up by a young girl named Yachimi. Jouke told her to stay still as he ran out to confront the bandits. He noticed he didnt have his sword. Yachimi ran out to give it to him when one bandit grabbed her. The bandit said that he liked the katana and was about to unsheath it when Jouke kicked him took Yachimi and his katana and defeated the rest of the bandits. Yachimi told him about her life and that how she was an orphan. After a while, Jouke offered to adopt her. She agreed and they spent time traveling and adventuring.

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