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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Tokatsu Masashige

Age: 26

Profession: None (Ronin); weekend warrior; mercenery; will work for ryo.

Clan: None (formerly a member of the Sumizome; also known to its enemies as the "Yokoshima Sanruida")

Teachings from the Clan: "From the heart, to the heart; strike once, and never show your blood."----"Do not fear your enemies. They are of little consequence. Your friends, not your enemies, are the only ones who can betray you."----"You can get what you want with a kind word and a threatening sword at the throat far easier than you can with just a kind word."----"Tread lightly when dealing with foes. When dealing with friends, its just as well you should learn to fly and skip the treading altogether."

Clothing: Plain cotton gi. No distinguishable markings that place him as a former member of the Sumizome.

Weapons: Wakizashi and one bottle of vile poison to induce lockjaw

Appearance: He is about 5'-9" and weighing in at around 160#. He has a messy ponytail that he never bothers to arrange properly. He has dark eyes and hair. A jagged scar on his chin, and another, longer scar across his neck, just at the base of his jawbone. He is missing the index finger from his right hand.

Other knowledge: Herbal medicine, wilderness survival, mounted archery (not very proficient), poisonologist

Current Mission: To find the assassins responsible for the deaths of the three Sumizome masters, and deal with them.

The Tokatsu family were a family of "protectors." They were a clan formed of bodyguards for physical protection, engineers for structual protection and reinforcement, courtesans for political protection, geisha for entertainment, and they also ran a few upscale brothels which catered exclusively to certain prominent families. But Masashige was not to follow in his father's footsteps. His fate was elsewhere, long decided for him as soon as he was born.

He was taken away from his family at the age of six. Drugged while he slept, he awoke in a bamboo cage fit for an animal, staring at the old and ugly faces of three strange men. They smiled out with their rotted yellow teeth and stank of tobacco and sake. It was on that day he began his training as a manipulator: one who works as a puppet master to a great many things. His father had 4 sons before him. There was no future for him within his own family, so they sent him to the Sumizome, which was a very prized, and secretive, business partner with the Tokatsu family.

He soon learned that he would train to be "courier" to the Sumizome masters themselves. He would be their eyes and ears, and hands, if need be. He trained for many years, mastering the sword and the use of poison. It was during that training when he lost his index finger. The masters insisted on his dominant swordarm to be his left hand. Most users of swords fought right handed. It would give him the advantage of unpredictability when fighting. The theory panned out, but the training was difficult. His trainer decided to cut off the index finger of his right hand, which gave balance and control to his sword. This forced him to train left handed. Many fell by his blade in surprise and confusion.

Three different assassins, all at the same time, brought the Sumizome to a grinding halt. How the locations of the Sumizome masters were known at that particular time was a complete mystery. At the time of the assassinations, Masashige was to be executed for conspiracy against the state, espionage, and treason. He was just following orders.

He escaped execution that day, with the help of some friends. But not before the executioner's axe cleaved into his neck as he was pulled away. He awoke two days later under a tree far from any village, his neck carefully bandaged. Two men lay dead at his feet from wounds too deep to recover from. He recognized them as fellow clansmen from the Sumizome, now dead after saving his life. He took the Wakizashi from one of his clansmen. It was the only weapon he could find.

After laying low for a bit, he is stunned to learn that the Sumizome is no more. The Yokoshima Sanruida all dead, killed at the exact moment that his execution was to have taken place. Now he has some killing of his own to do.
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