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Post Re: Character Database

Name - Togakure Shinzui

Age - 20

Height - 6'1"

Weight - Slender but muscular

Hair - Blonde, messy and unkept

Eyes - Green

Other Features - Large scar accross his chest

Clothing - Red and white kimono, red divided hakama, and wooden sandals

Weaponry - Naginata, a jug of saké

Forms - Naginata-jutsu, Tai Shing Pek Kwar style's Drunken Monkey form

Profession - Togakure Ninja

Personality - Despite being young, and occasionally falling to saké, Shinzui is a very intelligent man. He comes off to most people as lighthearted and immature. He almost always has a smile on his face, and speaks with a warm and cheerful tone. He seems carefree and irresponsable at times because of his love for saké and his attitude. He does, however, have a good sense of responsibility and is a very deep person. He thinks a great deal and has his own philosophies on life. He is always willing to share a conversation, or a drink with someone, but seldom finds himself involved in a long-term relationship with anyone. Closer friends get a sense of his deeper nature, but he always remains mysterious, even to those who know him well.

Description/History -
Born to a poor family, Shinzui endured many hardships when he was young. He lived in a small farming community, and had a romantic attitude toward the samurai and the ninja. Somewhere in his distant family line, there was a gaijin with blonde hair that he inhereited his distinct look from. His parents both looked to be pure Japanese, but his difference in appearance was often seen as making him a "black sheep." He would often be scolded for laying in the grass gazing at the clouds. Only one man in the village knew about martial arts, his name was Kaito, and he specialized in Naginata techniques. He was somewhat anti-social however, and it took Shinzui some time before he was able to speak to Kaito. Finally when he was 11 years old, Kaito began to warm up to him, and even visited him from time to time after a while.

Kaito was 40 years old, and did very little to help the village. He spent his days practicing martial arts, and devising philosophies on life. For this, the other villagers looked down upon him, and some even held a resentment for him. Shinzui was told to stay away from Kaito, but had little reguard for the rules during this time.

After a year, Kaito agreed to teach Shinzui some basic Naginata techniques. Shinzui advanced very rapidly, much to the surprise of Kaito, who had only expected to teach him a few techniques. Shinzui was able to become very proficient in the Naginata after a few short years, and began to practice on his own when he was not practicing with Kaito.

When Shinzui turned 17 he decided he would leave the village, and become a mercenary. He soon learned, however, that this was not an easy career path. After a year, he decided mercenary work was not for him, and for the next year sought out training from anyone who would teach him. Presently, Shinzui is living the life of a drifter, although he would very much like to settle down and find a more comfortable lifestyle. He had developed a taste for saké, and from time to time would indulge himself, and cause a great deal of trouble. He was actually kicked out of one village for his drunken conduct.

Thanks in part to his drunken antics, an acquiantance taught him a fair amount of Drunken Monkey style, which he quickly learned through much "practice." The friend of his was a trader, who learned the style in China. The man lived in China much of his life, although he was born in Japan. He met Shinzui in a small bar when Shinzui was about 17. Shinzui was at this time just beginning in his drunken mischief. He and Shinzui got into an argument and began to fight. Shinzui was impressed by his drunken monkey style, and pleaded with the man to teach him. For a year and a half Shinzui studied the form very hard, which partially furthered his lust for hard drink. He uses the form whenever he becomes considerably drunk.

Update: Shinzui has joined the Togakure family and adopted a new name, he is no longer Kigaru Shinzui (unless necessary). He is now known as Togakure Shinzui, his path has become more steady.
Togakure Shinzui

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