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Default Re: Character Database

Hm, I never posted one of these myself yet...

Name: Sasuke Takigawa (in japanese does the last name go first? if so, reverse that)
Age: 17
Class: Thief, Ninja-in-training
Body: Thin but muscular
Profession: Student of the Ninja Arts
Eyes: Bright Blue
Skin: Pale/White
Hair Colour: Black
Hairstyle: Shaggy, unkept,
Clothing: Daytime wear - a grey (don't know what it's called, like a kimono, but only goes to the waist) and darker grey capri hakama?, white tabi socks, wooden sandals
Nighttime wear - black sleeveless waist length kimono, dark grey under-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, bound from wrist to elbow with black wraps, black gloves with wooden tops, bound around the waist with dark grey wrap, black ninja pants ( I don't know the real name), Black Tabi boots (no socks), Bound from ankle to knee with grey wraps.
Weapons: Whilst on the town he carries a small dagger, During a mission, he uses dual daggers and a wakizashi, also shuriken, darts, caltrops, smoke bombs, etc.
Accessories: a japanese foxmask, Wood Bead necklace, with wolf teeth in it, Long scarf
Identifying marks/scars : Tattoo of a Red wolf on right shoulder, scar on the left shoulder

Clan: um, I don't know, any of you guys have a character who runs a ninja clan that's willing to accept little Sasuke?

edit- Huzzah, finally got some drawing done, I can't color for crap though.

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