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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Mentsu Buro-kun
Age: 39
Height: 5'6"
Weight: A little on the malnourished side.
Physique: Bony, skinny... a little wrinky.

Facial Appearance: Eyes are squinty, unable to see color. Sports a long, thin mustache that reaches below his chin, and is braided. Crow's feet around the eyes. Also a notable scar on his lip - gives him the appearance of always wearing a lopsided grin.
Fashion: Unkept black hair reaching below is shoulders. Extra large, light grey happi coat, long enough to cover his knees, and sleeves long enough to cover his palms. The back is emblazoned with the characters "takai akiudo" in bright red, surrounded by a red circle. He wears geta sandals, and a broad straw hat. Wears miniature spectacles that sit dangerously on the edge of his stubby nose.

Weapon & Fighting Style: Kusari-gama, Kusarigamajutsu
Profession: Oddjobs, not necessarily legal ones.

Personality: Usually a pretty cheery kinda guy, whether he is chatting amongst old friends in a bar or burying a corpse for one of his more shady clients. Sometimes looses his temper though, and will become sulky, or even perform a tantrum. Feels any work is good work.

Background: Comes from a modest farming life. Unable to bear the tedious and boring labor, he became a merchant. After failing at a short-lived fruit stand enterprise, was forced into doing any job in able to support himself. He doesn't mind too much though. In fact, he feels happier not having the responsibility of a business on his shoulders.
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