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Default Re: Character Database

Name: (Originally Family Name:Uchiha) Itachi Zabuza (my own unique name given to me by my sensei)
Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Weight: 167 lbs
Eyes: (Left eye)Green and (Right eye)Red
Hair/Style: White straight hair down to the shoulder and tied up corn-row tail on the back.

Clothing/Weapons: A white kimono hanging from waist down. A full tight really dark green body suit that is use for stealth and a pair of soft thick wolf's skin boots that is meant for fast movement. Two Wakazashi tied horizontally opposite of each other on the back waist. One special one of a kind made Katana originally belongs to his sensei on the left side of the waists. Rarely uses his Katana in battles only if the opponent is worthy and stong enough for him to use his one of a kind Katana. Uses both of his Wakazashi alot in battles because of its light weight and less chance for his opponent to dodge the two bladed attack. Out of all his fight Zabuza only uses his Katana once and it was against his sensei. The final training was to defeat your own master to know that you surpass his/her expectations by using his/her own sword against them.

The Uchiha Family had been a highly respected member of a covenant of extremely wealthy and powerful families. But their ties were severed when they were betrayed by their own and massacred. Completely obliterated, the Uchiha blood line was thought to be done forever, they were wrong. Surviving members of the Uchiha fled underground and joined other factions in order to disguise them while they raised plans to regain their lost empire. Zabuza Itachi, one of the last sons of the Uchiha Family was raised on the streets of hardship and fought for survival ever since he was a child. One day, he was approached by a suspicious figure while trying to pickpocket. The unknown man took Zabuza under his care, revealing later on that Zabuza was the rightful heir to an empire that was meant to be his.

After years of training and learning from the mysterious man, Zabuza fully understood who he was and how he came onto the streets. His memories slowly faded back into him, and infuriated him. He sought revenge and retribution, after leaving the man who raised him, Zabuza set off to eliminate those who destroyed his life. One by one, Zabuza was abled to eliminate all except one. It seems that the execution of the Uchiha Family long ago was spearheaded by one of the covenant families, the Otunagi. There was only one man left for him to find and kill, the only problem was, that man does not exist. At least not anymore.

Here is a proto type of what I look like.

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