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Default Re: Character Database

Originally Posted by Kamonosuke
Name: Itachi

Description: Killed his clan everything else is unknown

Height: 5'8

Profession: Leader of a new clan called Akatsuki

Weapon: Uses his eye to dodge anything and copies his opponents every move

History: He was a peaceful kid in one of the strongest clans in the world the Uchiha clan. He was son to the leader of the clan. One day he was accused of being a murderer since he can use his eyes to copy peoples techniques. Also there was a will to give all things to the leader of the Clan before this leader of another clan died. His father died at the time so the only one who could have wrote the will was Itachi so they sent 3 people to investigate when they accused him of being the murderer. When Itachi over heard their conversation about arresting Itachi he was furious and kill the 3 with his his kunai. He then left the village where he met a man named Orochimaru where he was given the power to use his eyes as a weapon to copy thier moves and see it before they hit him. A week later he came back and killed everyone from the clan except for his brother Sasuke. He left him alive because of Sasukes hatred towards Itachi. Hatred gives him the power to make his eye techinique even stronger. Itachi didnt kill Sasuke because he knows that Sasuke can use the techinique also but Sasuke doesnt know that yet until a few years later. (TO BE CONTINUED story is long)
err.. just to let you know, this game is based on more realism and Naruto isn't very realistic.. or original. >_<

Sykoi: Please read the rules of this thread, Shinzui... While I won't delete your post because I agree 100% with what you said and it needs to be said, I don't want anyone replying about it here

Sorry Sykoi, I think there should be something explicitly posted at the beginning of this thread though. That way people know what we are more or less looking for in this thread? >_<
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