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Default Re: Laws Concerning Outside Families

Eek lol you guys are funny Well heres my input:

It's a game
Families who are "attacked", refer to Suchiko's examples, should be punished sure. But it does show some points on whether Family leaders will punish for that, Maybe we can put an embargo, trade ban, for specific clans or players in the case of a general "bad" attitude in the game. But even then this probably won't stop the perpetrators from pissing big families, so you can maybe put out bounties or warrants for bandits and such. This could be a very good idea because hey, who's going to attack a family member when the risk of getting a high bounty is on your head. I would assume that unless your person has some big backup or is some kind of Super saiyan samurai, you would probably try to keep low and wait till your bounty goes lower. Normally this is because a wanted bandit would be "swarmed" by these people for money- 1. Infinite Noobies 2. Infinite Greedy People 3. Some Clan Member 4. A group of head hunters "bounty hunters" 5. Guards and 6. Family involved in Conflict
I myself would probably lead a group of cavalry and just kill the bandits but hey negotiations are good. If you can convince the bandits "Enemy clan or group" to surrender over something "Perpetrator, money, services, land, etc.", you can at least grant them some forgiveness. But if they don't fork it over you can kill them. But if they do listen to you and give something and end up doing the same mistake=Kill 'em .
Well hope you like the idea because I'm gonna look into this more and come back with more info.

(I wanna try the IC ))
My lords! Please settle yourselves! We are brethren together and we should act as so. Look the peasents will begin to wonder on how this alliance is truly benefitful. So please let us calm down and once more engage in a more harmonius discussion.
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