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Default Re: Laws Concerning Outside Families

Look Ronin, I realize this was meant to be about the laws of the Kumamoto, but had it remained so and not an argument over what is possible and not possible, I would not have posted in the first place. I am, after all, not in a family at present, and so have no investment in how these things develope. My first post was just a friendly suggestion of course, but my second post was not inaccurate. I've had no problem personally with Gheari. When he disputes me I dispute him, and thats that, I don't mind because I like the debate. Nevertheless, he does like to state his opinion as fact, with little or no thought given to the many more tactful ways there are to tell someone they are wrong.

His post was in response to Staje was no different than usual. Had he merely been agreeing with you he could have simply said as much, and then expounded upon that perspective if he felt so inclined. Instead, he tried to just shut him down. Gheari made his own argument and didn't bring your former posts into it. Quoting is an easy way to second someone elses opinion, and one possible avenue through which to avoid unecessary conflict. So, as he was making his own argument and points apart from yours ("First of all" is certainly indicitive of self representation) then he would have actually been helpful in adding an explanation. His own explanation, you know? Thats what drives these forums after all, unique opinions and rehashing old ones in new ways. Gheari didn't even try to make his point, he only stated Staje was wrong, and that was all. Not every participant on our forum will tolerate that approach, and understandably so. Its not helpful, its not constructive to be sure. Though he may not have been flaming, he didn't help anyone with his post, and I'll be damned if thats not what we're here for.

But hey, I'll make my exit at this point, because hijacking isn't professional either Start a new thread if we just want to keep this up. I might even take the bait!
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