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Default Re: Laws Concerning Outside Families

I guess he never really did explain it or support my argument, but his was just a quick opinion, and although it might not be too tactful for a formal debate, this is a casual forum debate.

Also, very flamboyant vocabulary, catches the eye a bit eh?

But yes Lord Shino, that is the gist of what i am suggesting.

He in no way means to insult you, he is simply quite to the point with these things, which is not always a bad quality in this world.

As for you Shino, do no worry about the civilians, or peasents as you call them. They are sure to be able to discern a debate from a argument in this matter, and since when has a minor dispute caused the topple of a good alliance? The alliance will remain strong unless anyone decides to act rashly, although i do not expect this of either of our families.
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