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Default Re: Laws Concerning Outside Families

Gheari-san I would have to agree with you. Fire is a useful force when dealing with a large group. Though it should be a last resort if it is a building establishment. for re-sell purposes, if the family decides to take control of that territory. (did i spell that right?)
As i said man i was in a bad mood that night and i reapologizes for what i said. Though if it is a cave smoke them out. no way to sneak in to something like that with out being seen.
Though if it's a building Infiltration, gather information. Possibly find out if they hold information on a requiting session such as a left signature parchment. Sign your name to it and leave. Then your in the ranks. you can talk to people from that point and spy your way around giving every one the run around until its to late for them to realize what just happened. Then when you find out where the loot is being stored or if you find the persons responsible. Strike with the assassination then call in the calvary if there is a problem. If they want the territory. Then its grappling hooks for the walls. Assassin's come in do the dirty work. While the Shoguns and Samurai break down the gates. As a distraction for the armed forces. While the hires get the feeling of a cold blade in there back.

The original point i was trying to make was get in kill the person responsible steal the money back and get back out but you guys brought the whole being seen or discovered factor in and it has lead us to this point.
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