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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Yoshino Kasumi
Age: 19
Height: 5’2
Weight: 98 lb
Eyes: Honey
Hair: Pure waist length brown hair.
Apparel: Clothing that is appropriate at the time of the event, but mostly is seen wearing a red and golden kimono.
Weaponry: A bushido sword and or a whip.


Being born an orphan, she has been through many hardships and quarrels. Her parents died young, as they had tried to protect her from the wars which had taken place in their small village, caused by money and possession problems. Luckily, she was taken in by her Sensei Keitaro, whom trained her to be the best in her village. Even though, her village didn’t allow any women or girls to learn any type of martial, she learned it. People had only respected her, because she was a student of the wisest man in the village, Sensei Keitaro. But to her unluckiness, years had passed and he had became ill. At the age of 16 he passed on, leaving her behind. Ever since then, many people disrespected her and used her name as a bad cause. Getting tired of their rants, she left the village in search of her belonging… and here she is now.

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