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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Otakame Shinru

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Appearance: Short hair with pony tail, and a dark kimono with light armor in the inside of kimono.
At occasional times, he rest his arms inside his kimono.

Weapons: Two samurai Katanas

Bio: Otakame spent most of his life alone with no family or memories of even one realative in a secret village. As an well known person, Otakame held the village great knowlege of combat and defending arts. One day on a patrol, a group of soldiers raided the village. Many warriors and Otakmae faught with courage to defend the village, but failed to do so. Last of the warriors standing, Otakame took up another sword and ammazingly attacked with amazing fighting styles. After the battle, the chief of the village said to Otakame that these wern't ordinary soldiers, they were a group of soldiers who worked for someone powerful, and they seemed to have came for him. Then the town leadrers and Otakame discussed the problem, and decided that Otakame, unfortunately has to be banned from the village in order to keep this village from the outside world. He then sets off to journey to stop the madness that he everyday encounters, because of the things that he doesn't remember doing,but later discovers the true meaning for all of this carziness.

Member Of Bakemono ばけもの

-In The End, Only The Strong Survives-

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