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View Poll Results: Which death system?
Re-incarnation 53 25.00%
Perma-death 37 17.45%
Injury Induced Sleep 77 36.32%
Spirit 45 21.23%
Voters: 212. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05-10-2005, 10:11 PM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

I guess I'm going against the crowd here, but I think injury induced sleep is very unrealistic. Perma-death is too harsh, but what's the motivation for not getting into stupid fights? "Oh, I didn't really die... that guy just imagined his katana cutting my head off" or "You perform seppuku by driving the two feet of steel into your gut, but miss all your organs completely and fall into a deep sleep..."

This "cheapens" the game. People would run around fighting all the time because all they have to lose is five minutes. And what happens if you never heal yourself/get healed? I could walk around the game for days in a permanent state of near death.

People don't like perma-death because they think they're losing thier character. But what are you actually losing? There's no XP, (I think) you should lose whatever you have on you just like in reality, or you can go find it yourself. There aren't (many) learned skills to lose; the combat skills should stay with you.

If you re-incarnate, you'd be the same person, just "reborn" (how do we enter the game, by the way??). You'd still have access to your home, your "accounts", your secret stashs, maybe even your learned skills.

If you're worried about recognizing people, maybe you could have a list available to look at that lists the names of the players past "lives".
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Old 05-10-2005, 10:57 PM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

hi guys glad to have this topic out here, but i actualy agree to injury-induced sleep but i guess some other points have to be added.
1) not much player will realy want to create a new character with new stat all over again(keeping some old stats and omg what if i have played for few months?)
2)perma-death will be a set back to players who are trying to "test" the playablility of this game. No one like to die and lose every thing and start all over again. what if new players came in and attack another player in groups? example 4player killing 1player? he is bound to die for sure. If he is gona meet these people all the time and get killed and start all over i he will sure to quit or complain.(some people do that chasing and killing the same person (dont like the name for example) non-stop where ever they go).
3)injury-induced sleep, maybe a choice should be given weather player wants to go to hospital or continue his journey or return home.
4)spirit, if am keen on killing that player again i will guess which is the nearest temple or hospital in which he will ressurect to and kill him again unless it is non pvp there.
sugesstion, maybe we can have a death system like
first death 25% down of all stats for 5-10mins,
sec death 35%down or all stats for 10-20mins,
3rd death 50% down of all stats for 20-30mins. if he is killed again within the down time of his death. death after the down time will be consider first death, and if the players die for a certain numbers of time(yet to be decided) he will be consider dead and transport to nearest temple or hospital to recover and pvp deactivated for a certain time like 30mins he cant kill or be killed? Of coz at every death there will be option for player to choose to ressurect back at same place or go back to family or temple or hospital? in the end i guess i combined the spirit and injury-induced sleep together
feel free to correct me as maybe i had some points already stated by other players.
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Old 05-10-2005, 11:23 PM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

What if nobody is nearby, and your waiting for hours and hours, or what about if the area you died in, is a secret location only you know of? What then?
Have a finite respawn timer of about 20 minutes. If anyone finds you and heals you before the timer is up then you don't have to wait the whole time.
Old 05-10-2005, 11:41 PM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

Theoretically speaking i like the perma death, but i assume that you all would like to make some money off this game right? i can see that scaring away many many players. I am not saying you should bow to the masses and sacrifice you goals in the game, just that i can see many of the people that would really be into this game pushed back by too harsh a penalty, such as perma death. Again i like the idea, but i cant see many more than the hard core RPGers wanting that. Not to mention that perma death could be exploited by fake accounts.

Personally i would like to see a combining of the spirit system and the slow recovery. With the spirit idea you capture a piece of the Medievil culture which i like alot, and with the slow recovery you get a nice deturrent for mass murder. Perhaps your spirit is spawned in a certain area and you must then track down your body, once you get back in it you are in a permanent state of wounded, perhaps with very very slow healing, until you get treatment.

Old 05-11-2005, 12:04 AM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

My vote is for the Spirit death system. I think it would work out great and still keep the games role playing in check.
Old 05-11-2005, 01:56 AM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

Keep in mind that perma-death will be in the 'forced roleplaying server' (If you break roleplaying in this server, you're banned, there will be no global chat, etc.)
Old 05-11-2005, 06:06 AM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

I quite like the re-incarnation system. It gives a feel of "You learn from your mistakes" It doesn't neccisarily mean you have to create a whole new personality, mabe just add a few traits. This way, you can play apart of your very own mini-family. After you die, you become your son, then your grandson, etc. Each one has an added trait and extra skills from past experiences with his former self/family member. This could also take in a new 'inherit' feature. In your current character, you can either approve of items that will go straight to you again, and some that will either be dropped or given to someone else.

This also gave me a new idea, an 'Honor-like' system, where if your former self dies and was well known, your current self recieves benefits from other players, the economy, etc. Veteran players who are well known and have saved many lives might become 'Heroes', and when they die their new self may have a high status in the game, family or government.

I think i covered many things i thought of here. I still think reincarnation is the way to go. Mabe there could be a way where injury-induced sleep could find its way here?
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Old 05-11-2005, 06:20 AM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

I like a variation of Permadeath and skill loss.

At the first death you should lose one skill or whatever talents will be considered in this game. For example, you would lose the ability to perform a certain combo or something. This skill/talent/ whatever you wanna call it will be randomly selected and removed from your character. And your character will be notified of what happened.

The second death would be the loss of two skills. The loss of these skills or talents would serve as a type of physical recovery. as if your character did not die, but was injured so badly that they need to work back up to the level they once were.

On the third death you Die. ReRoll, new character.

This system would hurt the players who die, but would also make people think before they attack someone. It is not so painful that a single mistake would ruin the game.

Maybe you could recive lives as a reward for being in the game for a while. Something like getting an extra life for being in for 3 months. and another at 6 months. that way the older characters would still feel the same pain when they die, but they would be able to keep playing their character if they play them smartly.

The number of lives could vary. Maybe giving new players 5 lives to start with but having a higher toll with each death. New players die more as they try to figure out the game. Two free deaths without a penalty would be a nice start, but after that I think a penalty should apply.

Old 05-11-2005, 09:10 AM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

I think I still prefer Sun's idea in the past forum...It was a injury-induced sleep type of death, with penalties. Sadly I don't remember all of them...but there was damage to property, due to the wait one had to do at the hospital. Unless probably you had a co-owner to your house, which would have taken care of it, while you were "away" healing. There was also gold loss, and a few items lost to whoever killed you, if they pick them up of course. But I just thought, why is it that we focus so much on punishing the person that died??? I mean, not all of the people that get killed is because they started a fight. Though...it's quite impossible to separate a deserved and a not deserved death. >.> But I don't think forgetting techniques would be good either, because even if it's still an amount of time to recuperate, it doesn't mean he will begin to forget things. One can remember such things for a long time. Making a "3 life" death would be, in my opinion, bad. Since I know that if I reach that last life, I'm gonna be paranoid, probably even hide from all of civilization, which would probably not make the game too fun. I don't know if you know...but 3 months would be like 30 dollars of pay lol. So to get 2 lifes back you need like 60 dollars or so.

P.S. Sorry for the long post x.x got a bit carried away. Sun, if you remember your post in the last forum, could you post it? If it's ok with you, of course.
Old 05-11-2005, 09:12 AM
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Default Re: [Poll] Death

Originally Posted by SunWuKong
I would like to see Injury-Induced Sleep leading to Reincarnation.Allow people to attempt to keep their characters for a while.
If they die frequently (~3 times/week?), then their character has been injured too much and dies.
Possessions are inherited (or forfeit to the local government if no heir stated).
If an heir wants to give back their gain, that's their choice. No automatic reclaiming by the new character.

If Spirit is going to be used, I would want it to be restricted severly. Able to spend too much time invisibly would basically be giving people ultimate spy power.
Restrict spirits from entering certain areas might help. Or, not letting them move too far from their corpse?
For a little "fun" and adding the folklore aspect - what about having Spirit happen randomly? That way it wouldn't be mundane.
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I totallly agree on this. He took the words from my mouth and posted them ^^

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