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Old 03-08-2009, 08:44 PM
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Default Friends and Steel: The Ikko, A Quick Summary

What with the forums being so full here, I have decided to put up a general explanation of the Ikko.

The Ikko is the largest family in Tatsumaki so far, with many more quality members joining every month. Although some may see this large amount of recruiting and members as a turn towards the zerg strategy, it is absolutely the opposite. We seek to build and conquer Tatsumaki as a clan, leaning on our brothers and sisters of the Ikko in order to strive forward into the murky future.

You see, to make a big ripple, one must throw a big enough rock (Or other object, if we are getting all technical). But it isn't enough to throw a bunch of pebbles, no. We must be cohesive and work with one another to create the biggest ripple that we can, one that will be seen throughout the Tatsumaki world and recognized! This will be accomplished through construction of our own cities, towns, villages, and through our armies expanding our border when we see fit. We will attempt to support and give structure to Tatsumaki through our efforts and create as much for other players as we can.

Armies need to be fed, however, and cities don't build themselves. Because of this, I have decided on requiring every member of the Ikko to take on a craft at the start of the game. We will take the unused resources of the Tatsumaki world and shape them into something great together, a symbol of aweing unity.

To this end, we have split our family up into separate branches, and every Ikko member is required to join one of them eventually.

Our Field Ops branch, led by Abc, will practice tactics, strategy, and combat on large and smaller scales. They will run and act as our army. Through wit and steel they will expand and defend our borders to protect and improve the lives of the Ikko and the players that live on their land.

Our Naval branch, led by Mouko, will learn the ways of the sea and form our trade and war fleets. They will control the waters around our land and maintain peace upon them. They will also be recruited to act in conjunction with the Field Ops, Yakuza, and Economic branches as they can.

Our Economic Branch, led by me, Ronin, will master the crafts of the world and provide the Ikko with many great goods and services, without which they would all be for naught. They will run their own businesses and be supported with Ikko funds and influence in exchange for contribution of their services to the other Ikko. We will not stop free trade within our cities, so although Ikko merchants will be wealthy and well insured against failure, they will not be the only merchants around. The members of this branch will trade with those in the Ikko, the players on the land of the Ikko's, allies of the Ikko's, and anyone they deem worthy (Except of course against any enemies of the Ikko).

Our Yakuza Branch, led by me again, will be many faceted. Lower members will serve many clandestine purposes and follow the orders of their higher ups. Lower members constitute the main mass of the Yakuza Branch, so don't think that by being called a "Lower" member you will be at a significant disadvantage to higher members, only higher members will be privy to secretive orders on what to do next. Yakuza members' duties will be explained as soon as they choose a job ingame with the branch, and until then not much will be told about the branch itself. I will reveal that this branch covers all pirates, gamblers, actual yakuza, bosses, etc. People who join this branch should be ready to receive a variety of orders, many times including cohesion with another branch in an operation.

I, Ronin, am the Family Founder, and I hope to help lead all of the Ikko to a great future as the top Family of the Tatsumaki world.

Do You Want To Help Shape The Unhammered Steel of Tatsumaki?
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Old 05-11-2009, 11:27 PM
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Default Re: Friends and Steel: The Ikko, A Quick Summary

With a leader like this and a planning like that, all we need is the combined powers and determination of a family and we will be able to show the rest of Tatsumaki that it is a good thing to be an Ikko.

The responsibility of such an awesome power should not be underestimated though, this one remarks.

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