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Old 10-14-2005, 10:20 AM
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Default Character Database

Name: Tenshin
Age: Young man, reaching maturity.

Physique: average height, light, thin body, firm, lean muscles, strong legs, core, and shoulders.

Appearance: Usually smiling. Looks japanese aside from bright green eyes and olive skin. Has a thin face, prominent cheek and jaw, a round nose. Attractive young man. Growing his hair, it is currently short. A small goatee surrounds his mouth. Lips are neither big, nor small. His fingers are long and slender, and his hands and feet are not big.

Clothing: Tenshin sews his own clothes from materials bought in Edo. He typically wears a light brown waistlength kimono underneath a brown hooded, sleeveless haori. he wears brown forearm covers, and altered black hakama, tied up at the knees. He usually wears waraji. On cold days he'll wear waraji-kake and a long sleeve haori.

Gear: He has a utility belt under his haori with everything he needs, and a wooden pipe on a string worn across his chest, under the haori.

Virtues: Fast, agile, quick, wise, grounded, kind, compassionate, funny, strong, thoughtful.
Vices: Stubborn, clumsy, wild, forgetful.
Positive emotion: Kindness, Ability to Take Action.
Negative emotion: (suppressed) Anger.
Lifestye: Carefree, layed back, loves to have fun.
Quote: "What's the point of living if you're not having any fun?"
Joys in Life: Climbing, running, jumping, training, freedom, laughing, leasure, nature.

Skills: Tenshin's friend's father is a Shihan, master teacher of Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, Taijutsu, Aikijutsu, Bo, Jo, and Hanbojutsu as well as Shurikenjutsu, and battle tactics. Tenshin has trained under his friend for a few years and is a novice martial artist.

Career: He is a top ranking student at a medical centre in Edo, and works there as a therapist of manual medicine.

Family: He lives with his family in a subburb of Edo, it's pretty quiet, and not much trouble goes on there. His father is a builder and mother is a healer and teacher.

Upbringing: He had a good upbringing and childhood. He is a part of a group of childhood friends calling themselves the Monks of Edo. There are 5 altogether. They would like to think they protect the town, but they're just a group of best friends, really.

Ambitions: To move to Edo and start a career, eventually to travel the country.
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Default Re: Character Database

This is what you meant we should do with this thread, yea?
Name: Kurun Ti-Sakezuki
Age: 24
Decription: A short man with a good stature and a pentagonal face. His hair is cut short, though his neck hair is kept long, and reaches lower than his shoulders. His face suggest a man who smiles much, though it makes you wonder if he's smiling because he knows something you don't. His eyes are brown and his nose is small and nearly unnoticeable. He has big hands and always carries a cane made of hard, gnardled wood. The top of it is a big lump naturally occuring on the branch is was made from, and the rest of it has a twisting pattern from the gnardled way the branch grew. The cane has a metal tip and Kurun's name is burnt into the handle.

He is clad in quality travel clothes. They are not too glamerous, but a subtle pattern and some embrodied images show that they are not the cheapest one could find. They are also of a good material and the stiching is good, so repairs are seldom needed.

He was born the son of travelling tradsmen. His father was the leader of a traveling band of tradesmen and entertainers. They would come to a village or city and trade their wares and show their entertainment. The traders would make money by buying where it was cheap and selling where it was expencive, and the entertainers would charge a admittion fee or collecting afterwards.

Since his parents were the leaders, Kurun lacked neither in money or respect. Though he was prone to arrogance in his early teens, it was sorted out by his father when he got to know Kurun had tried to use their name to get food for free.

As soon as he got old enough, he was expected to help wth the daily work. He begun by running errends, bringing messages and doing mundane chores. He tended the horses used to draw the wagons and helped cook the food. When he got older, he would collect money before or after the entertainment and help out whit carrying and other such chores. He also learnt some acting and various entertaining. He learnt firebreathing, some light juggling and how to play the shakuhachi rather well, though he never could get the hang of thight-rope walking. He also picked up a good sense of direction and was soon familiar with the trading rutes they used. He learnt where what could be bought cheap, and where what could be sold expencive.

It was common that he and some other of the younger men would be allowed to ride ahead and notify the villages and cities that the rest would arrive soon. He and the other boys used to put up a small play(sometimes subtly making fun of their parents) just to give the people a taste of what would come.

When he got around 14 and up, he was trained how to keep the accounting books and thus learnt some maths. By noticing how much what sold for in the different places he got a inbuilt map with prices marked on. He sent the next few years honing his different skills, as well as a basic training in arms to take care of the occational bandit. Mostly he fought with a simple staff or club, but he also learnt some easy unarmed combat moves.

On his 18 birthday, he askes his father if he could be allowed to get a horse and some basic trading goods to go for himself. His father agreed, though he would hae to send back money for the horse. But this was nearly just a symbolic sum, if he got any sort of sucess at all he would be able to pay it. The leaving was marked by a small cermony and some celebrations one evening, and the next morning, he and two other boys who had decided the same, left the tradesmen.

The three companions spent a couple of days lightly partying, drinking rather much and generally celebrating that they could do whatever they wanted by doing exactly that. This came to an abrupt stop when on the third day, four bandits attacked them. They were an easy catch, hardly able to stand on their feet, much less able to defend themselves. Only by the happy coincidence that another party passed them, did they save their goods, horses and possibly lives. The other people scared the bandits away and gave Kurun and the two a place to sleep and sober up. After that, they gave their deepmost thanks with faces red from embarrasment, and left rather hastedly. They didn't feel like being long with the people who had seen them like that.

The three companions split up after half a year, each going into his own direction. Kurun went south, following a much-used road to the cities there. He hoped the trade would be good, and was glad to find he was right. He traded much and earnt good money, though he sometimes suplemented his income by showing his entertainment abilities. He also used to take parcels and messages from people he knew or good customers. He continued to send word and money to his parents, also after the horse had been paid for. He got rather sucessfull and happy, going wherever he wanted, because he could always stock up on what he could sell where he was going.
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Default Re: Character Database

Yes exactly! Everyone better post here, I spent good money to get this stickied!
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Togakure Jin

Title: 23rd soke of the Togakure ryu, leader of the Togakure family.

Description: A calm,cool aura can usually be felt when meeting Jin. He has a medium sized height and frame with an athletic physique from decades of intense training, mostly from the Togakure ryu. His short dark gray hair is pressed down and semi-spiked around. Usually he is seen wearing a hakama with natural-tone colors. He prefers wearing his shinobi shozoku (the traditional "ninja uniform") without the hood, but with a mask covering his nose on down.

(Recent)History: Often times Jin is aloof, contemplating over his own thoughts and philosophies. He is also frequently late. When it comes to missions, fighting, family, training, or any other serious matter however, he is terribly focused. Nothing can really stop him in this state of concentration. Now in his mid-thirties, Jin has a tremendous history with many events and adventures that cannot be explained well in this little synopsis of his life (A more detailed history can be found here). In recent history however, Jin has just became soke of the Togakure family after the passing of his uncle. In the Togakure family, being soke also means being the leader of the family, so the title means much more than just a grandmaster of the Togakure ryu. As a result, Jin has inherited a demanding position that requires the most strength and dedication.
Togakure Jin
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Kuma
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Weight: 160 Ibs
Height: 5' 7"
Hair Color: Black, Go-tee
HairStyle: Shaved head
Eye Color: hazel
Outfit: Black and white Kimono, sandels.... During times of known battle Samurai Armor.
Weapon: 2 katanas, and one Tanto
Apperance: ( looks like me Check out RL pic thread)
History:Born and left to die by unwanting parents. Kuma was picked up by a Samurai. His Child hood was filled with happiness. But It was always hunting him about who and why his parents had left him behind to die.

Kuma was taught the ways of the Samurai and Grew up learning Hand to hand and Sword fighing skills. He was tought honor a dignity. His Sensai Was supprized at how skilled kuma was Very Quick and Strong. Thuss earning him the name Kuma.

Kuma took this name and no other. He was never really givin a name being called boy all the time when some one needed him for a chore.

At the Age of 20 the castle and the lord he served was destoryed leaving him and his master Masterless. Most Samurai in the castle did not escape.

Kuma and his Sensai Wondered up northern japan, Kumas master finding his End. The two were jumped by 3 Bandits. Kuma was fighting off one while his sensai had 2 on him. Kuma very skilled was able to handle the lone bandit but The bandit was good enough to keep kuma at bay. Kuma every now and then peered to his left catching a glimpse of his Sensai Killing one bandit and mortally wounding another. Kuma then saw the bandit he was fighting tire and slow down. Catching the bandit in mid swing lopping off his arm and Finishing him with a Stab tot he upper torso. Kuma then peered left again and Seen his Sensai Slumped over and the Mortally wounded bandit trying to make a fumbling escape. Kuma ran up to his Sensai, taking a look at his wounds knew he would not last long. There was a lake near by and a stream. Kuma helped his sensai to the Stream for some water and to try to help ease his pain. Kuma's Sensai took a sip of water telling kuma thanks, he slipped away.

Kuma burried his sensai next to the lake also Building a tiny house there. He has lived there ever since. 10mile north there is a Tiny Village he visits for food and looking out for any wanted posters for extra cash.
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Default Re: Character Database

If KyuuShuu is gonna die in R&R I will edit this, because I cannot have my in game char a dead guy heh...
Name: KyuuShuu
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Weight: 160lbs
Height: 5' 2"
Hair Color: Black
HairStyle: over eyes and past ears
Eye Color: Brown
Outfit: Black Kimono, black sitabaki, and sandals
Weapon: katana and wakazashi
Apperance: Normal, nothing out of the ordinary
History: Kyuushuu, the man you all know to be a psycho street killer, the leader of the yakuza was once 8 years ago, a gentle man. He learned to fight to protect his family. He had a wife, who was pregnant with his first child, 8 years ago. When the leading crime boss burned the entire village he lived in his wife was dead, and his sanity caved. He hunted the crime boss, and found his dirty work done for him by a mercenary...he will see no revenge for this dirty deed. In a rage he killed the mercenary. He cared nothing but to share is pain with everyone...Spread fear and make the world realize that nothing is ever safe. The picture of the burning town blazes in his eyes whenever heis about to kill...He will not rest until the world is on fire.

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Default Re: Character Database

This is my character for the Ikko clan. Expect him to be introduced in Revenge and Reward soon...

Full Name: Ikasamashi Zurui

Occupation: Unknown, but is officially affiliated with the Ikko Clan

Appearance: Short, pale, even sickly. Has only one eye. His eyeless socket is covered by a black patch that sports a symbol (kanji?) representing 'tenma' in bright red. His hair is black, corse, is extremely wild and ends a little below his shoulders. He wears a loose, black kimono with the Ikko Family Crest on the back. Except for his head, any part of his body exposed under the kimono (feet, hands, a little bit of his arms and legs) is completely covered in bandaging. Has a particulary nasty smile, looks similar to a sneer.

Weapon(s): Unknown

Zurui is said to have never been defeated in battle. His methods in defeating his opponents, even in head on battles, are mysterious. He was originally a samurai, but when his family learned his secret fighting techniques, they kicked him out in disgust, and never spoke of him again. Desperate to regain his honor, Zurui traveled the countryside as a ronin in vain attempts to find a new family. Eventually, Nodin, leader of the Ikko clan, took him in and restored Zurui's samurai status. Eager to please his new master, also out of fear of losing his samurai status once again, Zurui does what ever the Ikko Family commands, no matter how corrupt, dangerous or foolish the assignment may be.


Name - Karisuma Kyougen
Age - Refuses to reveal it
Occupation - Kabuki actor
Height - 5'4"

Appearance - Kyougen's face is always painted white, along with other colors (usually red and black) to represent his role in the play. He wears ornate costumes, often with excessively large shoulders, sleeves, and pantlegs. This often gives him the appearance of being larger than he truely is.

Weapons - Kyougen carries two tessen (war fans). Each one has an image of him striking a dramatic pose.
Personality - Eccentric, moody

Background - Kyougen has worked as a kabuki actor for many years. After awhile, his brilliant performances have given him quite a level of fame. He became more and more obsessed with his theatre work until he started to go a little mad. He now has eccentric tendencies, like walking around in public wearing full costume. He is also starting to believe that the heroic feats he acts out in plays are real life events. His martial arts aren't the best, but his dance-like fighting style can be graceful, if not mesmirizing from time to time


Questions, comments or plain old feedback? Feel free to post in thier original threads:

They both can be found in this story:
Revenge and Reward

If ya don't feel like posting, or have story ideas concerning these two fellows, feel free to PM me ^^
The Kabuki King
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Default Shinin Shado from the House of Taifuunome

Age - 26.
Height - 5'7"
Weight - There are no scales and how would he know in English pounds/kilos?
Physique - Stout, large upper body.
Hair - Short hair, clean shaven face, with small goatee.
Main garb - Green robes, dark green for ceremonies.
Feet covering - Simple wooden sandals.
Jewelry - Simple necklace of leather with jade token medallion.
Weaponry - Bo staff is main weapon of choice.
Main relegious belief - Buddhism, with emphasis on Bodsittavas and the Pure Land Sutra.
Profession - Monk/Teacher of the Taifuunome Temple of Enlightenment.

Upon turning of age, Shinin Shado was sent to serve in the Daimyo's army from his small rural village. Though from the agriculturalist caste, his father is brother of the wife of the Daimyo. His father, pulling some strings, Shinin achieved low rank in the Samurai caste. After four years of military service, he works his way up to a lower ranking field marshall. Most of their battles are upon the battlefield. Serving under a brutal warlord, he sees his fair share of brutality and bloodshed.

This reaches its boiling point as on a regular "tax" collecting round. Upon entering a small township, the warlord goes to the Temple. After requesting due taxes for the Daimyo, the head monk tells him they do not serve the Daimyo and that they have taken a pledge of poverity in observance of their believes. Seeing ornate statues and intricate woodwork the warlord is in disbelief! The warlord and the men under his command start to kill the innocent monks, and most of the inhabitants of the small village. Shinin never touches his weapon. Resolving to leave this sqaud, Shinin waits for a good oppurtunity to do so. Though honorable and noble, he was no spiller of innocent blood for the sake of a power-corrupted warlord. Upon return from that fateful day, a band of brigands jumped his sqaud.

A beautifully sunny day, as the warlord's party marched through a forest on a heavily traveled road, ShininShado daydreams of owning his own farm and starting a family, drinking saki and relaxing in the sunshine. Out of the blue, one of the soldiers next to him falls to his death, a shuriken strikes him in the neck. Two more soldiers fall before the band even sees where they are being attacked from. An ambush from brigands! Shinin counts 15 brigands. Readying his spear for combat, he charges two of the brigands with bows, he strikes one directely in the head. The other now noticing the threat, fires at Shinin, a near miss. Shinin strikes him in the abdomen and moves up with a sweeping motion, spilling the wayward archer's inards. Shinin surveys the area, and sees the melee had taken its toll on his sqaud. From first glance, every last soldier dead or in the process of dying, and no sight of any other brigands. Luckily as he rushed the two archers, the main force of the warlord's party fought toe to toe with the other brigands upon the road as Shinin fought the archers in a clearing not far. Though better trained and equiped, the warlord and his crew were used to spilling the blood of innocent folks, and their combat skills had grown rusty. Shinin sought those he had formed a bond with from his squad, and all of them had perished. He then went to examine the warlord. An older man with constant grimace upon his face, he was still breathing. Not for long... Shinin's honor came from his heart and not from following a corrupt pawn of the Daimyo. Shuriken and arrows lay embedding in trees, bodies lay everywhere upon the road, some that tried to run with wounds upon their backs. A bird chirped in a nearby tree, the sun shines through the trees, and Shinin climbed upon the warlord's steed.

Nearly seven years have passed. Shinin now resides at the monastery, not far from his home village. His parents have passed away from old age. Poetry and studying the Sutras at the temple are his main past times. He carves wooden toys for his son when time permits, and is faithful to his wife. This life suits him, and Buddha has shown him that chasing dreams do not give as much satisfaction as grasping truths. One of his many poems:

Spirit of Wind

The second wave, came now charging,
with him its ranks,
with the Family Sword in hand,
he rushed into their flanks,
for a moment he saw the Sun,
he saw more... remembering fun,
from the sword so strong, the sun did glisten,
and as his heart did start to listen,
the sound of war, no longer in his ear,
nor the sound of any fear,
the Family Sword was all heard,
it struck one foe down, another... then a third,
as it did, the sword carried by the wind,
the last one standing in the end,
the battle waged and the battle won,
I was standing when it was done,
I looked at the death on the field,
and swore that I would never wield,
another weapon until the day...

I bring peace into the fray.

Shinin Shado aspires to have the wisdom one day to help bring peace to the warring lands he lives, and the compassion to help those in need.
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Default Shokubai of Taifuunome

Name: Nobuwa Ryuu
Alias: Ryuuchi (Little Dragon), Shokubai (Catalyst)
Age: 27
Height: A couple sun less than six shaku (About 5'6")
Eyes: Deep black
Hair: A trim, thin mustache and slight, pointed goatee. His black hair, which falls to the center of his back, is often done up in a bun, the rest left to hang smoothly to above his shoulders.

Clothing: Ryuu is generally clad in a simple offwhite kimono of flax linen with the hems and sashes of a jade green.

Weapon: Nobuwa Ryuu employs a unique style of bokken. It has been modified so that the hardwood is merely the shell around an iron core. It weighs more than a standard katana (about 5 lbs versus 3), but is not heavy enough to be cumbersome. All the edges are blunted, so as to limit harm. The idea is to wear down the opponent versus killing them.

Beliefs: Buddhism is a focus of Ryuu's life. He studied and practiced Zen for much of his young life, though spread through other Buddhist branches. Now he encompasses Zen, Pure Land and has studied deeply into the life of the Bodhisattva.

Profession: Ryuu is a travelling teacher of the Taifuunome Temple of Enlightenment.

Nobuwa Ryuu was born to Nobuwa Kuso, owner of the respected Nobuwa Inn in Edo. At the age of five, Ryuu was sent to one of the military schools in Edo that had been setup by the Ashikaga. He was one of five students who studied under Kouhei-sensei, a strategist of some fifty-odd years. He became practiced in kenjutsu, though was more interested in the pursuits that strategy and Zen Buddhism offered.

When he was sixteen, Kouhei-sensei (now in his mid-sixties) took his now sole pupil and travelled through Musashi province (where Edo is located) and the surrounding. Ryuu was apalled by the wide-spread poverty that he found and the decadence in which many daimyos and magistrates lived. He swore an oath during the journey,

"Should in my life I ever stray from a path of justice; should in my life I deny ever a request of need; should I in my life I ever lose myself in a pool of gold, and become a hungry ghost; should in my life I ever strike out for reasons other than defense; should in my life I ever forget this oath, may I be forever foresaken Enlightenment and lost from the wheel."

There was such fire in his words and eyes that Kouhei-sensei began to refer to Ryuu as Ryuuchi (Little Dragon). The teacher-student relationship was much more one of a father and son.

Upon returning to Edo, Ryuu delved back into his studies, focusing even more on military strategy. The young man had an incredible aptitude for it, and surpassed his master in ability by the age of eighteen, when he accepted a position to ride as strategist with a section of the forces of the Ashikaga shogunate.

He had been order to assist the leader of 500 Ashikaga samurai in dealing with a small rebellion of two hundred farmers, merchants and artisans of a village that had been refusing to pay their taxes to the local magistrate. The field was unbalanced to a ridiculous extent, and to compensate Ryuu ordered the weapons of the samurai to be bound in fabric so that they would not kill the farmers. They won an overwhelming victory, in which none of the samurai were killed, and only a minimal number of the civilian rebellion. Almost all of the remanants of the force were arrested. However, following his unorthdox strategy style and his oath, he went to the daimyo of the province and demanded the release of the prisoners after explaining what the situation had been. Although the daimyo allowed their release, he was deeply insulted by Ryuu. Ryuu would never work with the Ashikaga again.

This suited him, and he travelled throughout Japan for the next several years, sharing his teachings and learning from others. He learned much of philosophy and life and Buddhism.

When he was 24, he returned to Edo to find that his master Kouhei had passed away. He did not return to the Nobuwa Inn, for his father and he were no longer on speaking terms due to Ryuu's oath. He mourned his sensei, but vowed not to fail him in his oath.

Ryuu was travelling through Kozuke province when he came across a band of farmers who were preparing to fight back against a force sent by a local magistrate. They had been taxed nearly to starvation, and had finally refused to pay. With Ryuu's help and strategy, the fighters were able to drive back the samurai. They thanked him profusely for his help, and though he was offered many things, he shook his head. About thirty of the farmers had been killed, and Ryuu mourned for them. The father of one of the farmers spoke with Ryuu when he stayed with the family for the night before travelling on.

"You are a good man, Nobuwa Ryuu. There would have been many more deaths had you not assisted us, and we thank you. We shall spread your tale amongst others like us so that they will know who you are. You shall be known as Shokubai. There is a place where you may find others who share your oath..." The old man related to him as Ryuu and he shared a conversation, "Travel to Taifuunome, young Shokubai. May your path be smooth."

Ryuu bowed his head low to the elder, and thanked him. The rest of the conversation that night was light, and Ryuu shared in a cup of sake with the family.

The next day, Ryuu departed upon a horse that the farmer had insisted he take. It was a good steed, extraordinarily swift, though young and wild at first. They came soon to trust each other, and Ryuu named the horse "Kyoufuu" (Raging Wind).

It wasn't long before Shokubai found himself at the steps of Taifuunome. It was here Shokubai found a new home, and he made a pledge to serve. However, he could not abandon his oath, and so he continued to travel in the areas around Taifuunome, returning every few weeks, sometimes for months and sometimes for only a few days.
"Gold offers a beautiful reflection, but can drag one to the river floor as quickly as a stone." -Nobuwa-Ryuu to Rikuren
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Default Re: Character Database

Name: Otunagi Toshimaru
Alias: Sora (Sky)
Age: 24
Height: 4' 11
Weight: 121 Lbs
Eyes: Brownish Maroon
Hair: Dark Brown, split hair and with short ponytail
Physique: Medium Build

Clothing: Toshimaru wears a wide variety of clothings due to his specialty in disguise and espionage. But his main set is a semi-kimono with ninja-like pants and straw sandals. He usually likes to wear some form of cloak or cape, with a hat.

(Rumored)History: Born into nobility and servitude of different lords, Toshimaru was known as a prodigy and master tactitioner, his skills were said to be unmatched. At the age of 15, shortly after becoming a samurai, he was making his way for power, but as became more strengthened, his superiors became fearful of him and sought to destroy him. Having escaped an assasination attempt by his own father, Toshimaru was said to have fled japan to the outer countires(china, korea)

But during the time of his disappearance, mysterious killings were occuring all over the region that Toshimaru once lived. The victims were namely the associates that once governed Toshimaru's lands. The killings couldnt be related to Toshimaru as he was still being chased in the foreign countries, and as long as he was not in japan, he contained no power. The last of the murders ended with Toshimaru's father; being said to have been killed by his son in person. Somehow Toshimaru had evaded Japan's government and returned to his home before anyone else knew about it.

After another few months in hiding, Toshimaru was said to have joined up with the Bakemono, a secret organization of visionaries who wanted to recreate an age of battle and chaos in japan.

Toshimaru's real history is unknown, but rumors have claimed the existance of journals that chronicles Toshimaru's life.
Leader Of The Bakemono ばけもの

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