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Kyoto Prefecture Location for Roleplaying: Kyoto Prefecture

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Old 07-15-2006, 10:08 AM
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Default Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto prefecture is a region consisting of 15 cities and several towns and villages. Fro reference, the cities consist of Ayabe, Fukuchiyama, Joyo, Kameoka, Katsura, Kyotanabe, Kyotango, Kyoto, Maizuru, Miyazu, Muko, Nagaokakyo, Nantan, Uji, Yawata.

Kyoto City, formerly known as Heiankyo (until 794) is the capitol of Japan. Kyoto is located in the mid-west of Honshu Island, surrounded by mountains, making it famous for it's very hot sticky summer nights, with very stagnant air flow. The city was layed out in a grid pattern about 100 metres above sea level. Kyoto city is surrounded by the Higashiyama, Kitayama and Nishiyama mountains, rising almost 1000 metres above sea level. A river that branches off into several streams from the southwestern part of Kyoto run through the city in all directions.

There are eleven wards (sections) in Kyoto City. These include Fushimi-ku, Higashiyama-ku, Kamigyo-ku, Kita-ku, Minami-ku, Nakagyo-ku, Nishikyo-ku, Sakyo-ku, Shimogyo-ku, Ukyo-ku, Yamashina-ku. I've listed them for reference and do not plan to go into detail. If it really interests you, wikipedia has some information on each ward.
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Old 08-16-2006, 01:37 PM
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Default Re: Kyoto Prefecture

ok, Haven't seen Tenchijin in a while, so I haven't gotten this approved yet, but I think it is pretty close to the reality of the time. If anyone has any better info, PLEASE update me. I pulled this off my L5R forums since they are pretty good at using actual historical info for the site. So this is the basic economic system I was planning on using for the TRP since I have no clue how the actual historical system was.

Three types of coins are commonly used . The most valuable is the ryo, an oval shaped plate of gold about two inches by one inch. This is the basic unit of exchange for expensive items and large transactions. Each ryo is worth about five bu, a smaller silver coin. Bu is actually short for ichi bu no [silver], literally “one bu of silver”. A typical bu is a rectangle about one inch by three-quarters of an inch. Bu are used for the purchase of moderately expensive items such as furniture. Each bu is in turn worth four to five “strings” of zeni. These are small (3/4” diameter) round coins made of copper. They have a round or square hole through the middle and are commonly strung on cords to make cash strings. A standard “string” is 100 coins. Zeni are used for all manner of minor items, like tea and food. Whole strings are used for items like clothing or liquor.

For very large transactions either stacks of ryo or a forth coin, the oban, are used. Ryo are stacked in lots of twenty-five or fifty and wrapped in heavy paper. The stack is then stamped by the local magistrate's office and ready for use. The rarely seen oban is a heavy disc of gold. In weight and value they are equivalent to forty ryo. Oban are often specifically cast for a particular transaction, and have pictures or text commemorating the event. They may become far more valuable as historical items than for their weight of gold.

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