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Default Togakure Family Background

Togakure family

Brief background:

As a former samurai, I defended my lord until the day of his demise in battle. After suffering defeat of enemy troops, I was forced to flee and take up residence of my birthplace, in the remote region of Iga that I left long ago to pursue my own goals. There I reconciled my relationship with my uncle and resumed my training in the Togakure ryu (the hidden door school) of ninjutsu that I once ago took up.

Several years past, and I slowly mastered the Togakure ryu. As time went on and nature took its course, my uncle’s health deteriorated. Having no son to inherit his title, soke (grandmaster or head of the family) of the Togakure ryu, he past it down onto me. Feeling the pressure of fellow family members who thought I was not quite suited for such a title because of my sudden disappearance long ago, I quickly assumed the duties as the 23rd soke of Togakure ryu (the ninjutsu of the Togakure family) to the best of my abilities.

The Togakure family is a ninja family that does not seek out engagements of combat merely based on the thrill of violent danger or need for money, but rather motivated by love or reverence. The Togakure ninja operatives will be assigned missions involving combat and espionage from the leaders of the family. The main teachings of Togakure ryu are to:

• protect our country, family, and nature
• avoid unnecessary violence

Keep in mind that we are not hired assassins; we utilize our covert tactics and information gathering skills when called upon to do so by the leaders of the family. We are also not spies, but warriors skilled in ninjutsu that have proficiency in surveillance techniques.

The Togakure ninja operative is trained in several areas of expertise, some are:
• seishin teki kyoyo (spiritual refinement)
• tai jutsu (unarmed combat)
• ninja ken (ninja sword)
• shuriken-jutsu (throwing blades)
• henso-jutsu (disguise and impersonation)
• shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods)
• cho ho (espionage)
• inton jutsu (escape and concealment)


Genin: The genin is proficient in ninjutsu in all aspects and handles most missions. They are usually sent out for low to middle ranked missions, usually by teams of three. They might also be called upon for high ranked missions but will be guided by chunin. New genin will also be trained in teams of three by chunin.

Chunin: The chunin would be a rank up from genin. They would provide teaching as well as leading teams of genin or assembling a team of 2 other chunin for high ranked missions. Also chunin might be called upon for even higher ranked missions (called N ranked missions) led by a jonin. Chunin will make up the bulk of the family.

Jonin: The jonin will be the highest rank for ninja in the Togakure family (besides soke). Most of the identities of jonin will be kept secret, even from genin and chunin to some extent. Jonin operatives will be relied upon for the highest of missions, from high ranked missions to N ranked missions, and will work either in teams of 2 or more. The best jonin also will be invited to join an elite team of ninja called the Tokushuheiki (roughly translates to special weapon) squad for missions requiring special tactics and protecting the family from exceptional threats (think of tokushuheiki as black ops or SWAT).

Anpori: Roughly translating to security council, the anpori consists of the leaders of the family and they decide the fate of the family. They make the rules and assign the missions when there are missions to be done. Council members must be chunin or higher to be accepted as such and must demonstrate incredible leadership skills.

Soke: The grandmaster of Togakure ryu. He/She is the representative of the Togakure family and must demonstrate the philosophies and ideals the family encompasses. The soke has authority to decide when a chunin is ready to become a jonin and to decide who will become his/her inheritor when he/she is ready to retire. Along with various other jobs, he/she is responsible for the protection of the family and the future of the family as well. The soke is also the head member of the family council and presides over the meetings.

-Information written by Togakure Jin
Togakure Jin
Soke of the Togakure family
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