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Default Wisdom From the Village of the Cold Moon

No replies please.

Heritage of the Ninja

"Like the fathers of your grandfathers
it was your destiny
to become a ninja.

From the teachers of far-off lands
your ancestors discovered
the secrets of the universe
and the means
to complete joy in existence."

"For this they were hunted down
in their mountain homes by religionists who feared
the potential of enlightened common men.
Thus was born the invisible warriors,
mountain mystics who guided their powers
into ways of protecting
the innocents that they loved
and the truths that they sheltered."

"Yours is a legacy of service to those in need,
protection to those in distress
and strength to those who are overpowered.
Your art is ninjutsu-
the way of stealth-
silent means of working your will without actions.
Your reward is spiritual growth
and the opportunity to be
a conscious part of the scheme of totality."

"You will be misunderstood
for utilizing violence to show your love.
You will be condemned
for using deceit as a demonstration of your bravery.
You will be despised
for employing trickery to allow others to see reality.
You will be seen as an executioner
though you are a priest.
Men will call you coward
though you battle the dragons of ignorance and hatred.

Welcome to the family."

The Art of Invisibility

skills in which we train
would best be known as
the art of winning."

"The warrior of merit collects his victory
in ways that do not cause others to feel defeat.
He wins before the conflict erupts,
succeeds before the challenge appears,
and possesses his prize
before anyone thinks to oppose him."

"You will assist the sincere
with your ability to win with the spirit.
Their dream becomes the force of your vision
which becomes a vibrant intention
taking shape in the mind
and woven into the fabric of reality."

"We will know that we have won
when we have attained what we needed
and the world is a better place
as a result of it."

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