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Old 04-28-2005, 05:20 PM
xi ryu xi ryu is offline
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Default Re: Wishlist

  • make players focus on one type of combat school (if they choose combat professions, in RL they take a lifetime to learn, and even longer to master)
  • small inventory ( have you ever seen a man carry 200 lbs of stuff everywhere he goes?)
  • good clothing animation (hakama blows in the wind, moves when the wearer moves)
  • you must wear everything in your inventory ( it will be on a rope and hanging from your back or somthing)
  • realistic inventory ( i know i cant carry 3 suits of armor, 2 longbows, 3 swords, an array of potions,1,000 arrows and a couple dozen yari {japaneese spear})
  • Zanshin (has no translation, but we will call it awareness. when someone locks on to me in RL i feel it through somthing called zanshin, in the game if someone selects your avatar and tries to attack, a message should pop up saying somthing like "you feel the touch murder behind you" it is well documented that many samurai survived the fight because of this Zanshin, it actually changed one man's life and he founded a sword school in ancient japan because of it!)
sorry, i'm not supposed to say what person i'm referring to, if you look it up, message me with your guess.
those who want to win...learn Kendo those who want to live, learn budo.

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Old 05-02-2005, 04:27 AM
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Default Re: Wishlist

  • Armoured Face Masks. So that all helmets are opened face and then you put a face mask with it. Also would allow others to wear just face masks 8)
  • Various NPC sects littered around displaying different "powers" which could be derived from alchemy and wearing odd clothing to make themselves cool 8) Gives us something more to kill maybe challenging
  • The flags on the back of the samurai armour! hehehe
  • Different types of barding for horses.

Luck favours the prepared

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Old 05-02-2005, 10:57 PM
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Default Re: Wishlist

  • Infinite training methods - just swinging your sword increases temp. strength/enough swinging and you raise your permanent strength rating.
  • Training Isnt Easy - Training requires stamina, good health condition
  • Dangerous Training - Training can get hazardous(ex. Sitting under waterfall too long will give you a cold, too much push-ups will give you cramps and muscle injuries, if under too much pressure you will faint[while unconscious, people can steal from you]0
  • Training Props - Better training requires gyms and props(ex. fighting a tree teaches you something, but fighting a dummy in a gym with a tutor teaches you better techniques -=unless you can learn them by yourself=-)
Leader Of The Bakemono ばけもの
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Old 05-04-2005, 09:47 AM
Urgat Giff Urgat Giff is offline
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Default Re: Wishlist

  • locks wich will be produce. example: crafter produce locks. someone buys them and closes doors and chests. thief picks locks and steals money, goods

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Old 05-10-2005, 05:03 AM
Osumi Osumi is offline
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Default Re: Wishlist

  • I would like ot be able to see someone with some really cool clothes or a really neat sword, kill them, and be able to actually get the stuff off of them. Not Players, but NPCs. I've played a lot of games and most of the time what you get from a corpse is nothing like what they actually have.
  • I want to be able to find that perfect outfit being worn by a really mean NPC and then be able to gut him and take the outfit. In slightly damaged and bloodstained condition of course.
  • I would also like to be able to style my hair as I feel like it. Not sure how hairstyles are gonna work, but I wouldn't mind being able to style for the occasion.
  • I would also like ot see visible damage on my character after a battle. Limping or bleeding or something. Not sure if it's possible, but those are my three wishes anyway.

Last edited by Greven; 05-10-2005 at 05:26 AM.
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Old 05-10-2005, 01:27 PM
connick connick is offline
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Default Re: Wishlist

Wow! Lots of excellent ideas. I'd like to second a few of them and add a few of my own vain hopes and desires:
  • No universal chat.
  • Mutable terrain (Dig ditches and pile dirt elsewhere.)
  • Poison for food/water and weapons.
  • Traps!
  • ROPE! Both for climbing and for binding!
  • Basic tools for complex and varied concepts:
    Rather than implement a personal or family treasury into the UI, allow the creation of safes and strongboxes which can store the funds. The upkeep of said funds is then the responsibility of the player and not looked after by the game itself. Basically, I'd much rather see the building blocks for ideas available in game rather than some sort of system already in place to which one must adhere.
  • Maybe prisoners. Though it would be difficult to implement without giving rise to reckless and overabundant kidnapping. (A topic for discussion.)
  • If prisoners are allowed to be taken, I would also like to see the option to honorably take your own life.
  • Probably about a million other things, but work is over now so I'll leave you with what's here.
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Old 05-10-2005, 06:13 PM
c4shmon3y c4shmon3y is offline
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Default Re: Wishlist

  • When you kill an npc or mob or even a player it would be nice if they didnt float into the air and disapear within 2 seconds even though it might lag it would be awsome to watch the corpse slowly decompose.
  • leaves fall and can be steped on.
  • Rain, hits armor and you can hear it.
  • Can get on the parapits and walls of castles to defend or look out.
  • fist fight
  • taverns that sell alchohol not only a place to meet and chat but get drunk too (make the game more real)
  • sit in chairs, benches beds.
  • wenches who make good grub.
  • not to many customizations of armor and weapons because a more uniform game looks very nice.
  • clans after proving there worthiness should get there own castle, house and customize there undershirt armor or cape,to a certain color so you know who they are.
  • no dragon flying super chainsaw thrash moves kinda junk, all real.
  • alot of npcs that go about there own bussiness tilling the land fighting eachother yelling out there wares at the store, caravan parties to rob or patrol, in all I want to see good AI.
  • and different sets of clothes that are easy to afford due to no armor bonuses so i can dress nice for a night out on the town, or when im tilling the land.
  • and i want to travel for a few hours with a squad come across a town with players and npcs in it and crush them all and kill there livestock burn there village to the ground and steal there items. lol
  • Thats it for now more to come soon.
Jin Wu (aka C4shMon3y)
Edited by Sykoi: I've formatted your post for you, try to keep it in a [ list] from now on.

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Old 05-11-2005, 09:32 AM
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Default Re: Wishlist

My little *cough* wishlist:
  • Gameplay before realism (untill a curtain point offcourse)
  • Huge epic fights over domination of a provence (example: Lineage 2's Castle Siege, only customised to Tatsumaki)
  • Realistic fishing and hunting system.
  • Fishing: Not the basic click on rod, throw out line, catch fish. I'm talking about depth here. Using different types of bait. Nowing where fish are on what time of day, and with what weather
  • Hunting: Tracking your prey. Using the wind to your advantage. Setting traps. Using small prey animals to distract larger animals.
  • Lots of character customisation. Again gameplay before realism. So if it tampers with the game then leave it.
  • Lots of hous customisation option. I would not like to have a house identical to 5000 other people.
  • Weather having huge effects on the community. (in either fights, normal circumstances, etc.)
  • Terrain effects your preformance. Walking up a hill or stairway will fatique you faster than walking a plain, flat road. Also climbing and jumping should fatique you more.
  • Weapon/clothing customisations. Having symbols, markings, drawings on your weapon to let it stand apart from everything from the same type. (Big cheer if you can implent this)
  • PK control. From what I've seen in Lineage 2 is that if you give players freedom they will gladly take it and will use it to annoy others. Not everyone will respect the roleplaying aspect of the game as others will. I suggest something like having instant fines. If not in money (because the players doesn't have any, then pay in items or other possesion) I don't think people would like to lose a house they build. Also if you get attacked by a player with bad karma (because of PK) you won't get penalties when you die. Maybe a bounty hunter system for those really annoying guys

Live every day like it's your last

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Old 05-11-2005, 09:54 AM
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Default Re: Wishlist

I finally finished reading wiki (loads of things make me think about stayin here lol)

i loved the idea of a theater, why not implementing some artistical skills ?
  • painting drawing : people would be able to draw (maybe themselves i dont know in which way we would create those pictures by ourselves in the game) things they could sell, or put in their house, lmagine a proud soldier who tells an artist how he suceeded to kill with one finger 3000 people who were overpowered well
  • music : this would be i think easier to implement, register instrument from this period and allow ppl to make their own "song" (sorry my english lack of musical vocabulary) and why not play them in the street and stuff...
    this would also add some items that artisan could create, of course the more you play the more you'll be able to create new songs
  • sculpting : this is directly inspired by " a tale in the desert" that allow people to have access to a large choice of "item" and they can freely put them together to make sculptures.
    again the exemple i wanted to give would be about soldier, who have been promoted and want to show his strengh within a sculpture of him still killing people with his holy finger,
    --> people would have possibility to have dress / item / character model and choose loads of position, and materials too, some newbie sculptor would only be able to make things with wet sand, or earth, and a famous one, could use jade or whatever precious

i've seen many good idea ^^ so i wont repeat things about gameplay and realistic environment
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Old 05-13-2005, 06:22 AM
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Default Re: Wishlist

Most games i've played have content for RPer's that doesn't directly affect game play in any way. Most refer to this stuff as Fluff.

I'd like to see T:Law with a lot of fluff. Coming out the wazoo even. I know this stuff probably won't be in large quantity at release, but i'd like to see it added to the game eventually.
  • The ability to change your hair style in game. For example you could tie back your hair, untie it, ruffle it, braid it, unbraid it, and i'd like to see all that, and then some in T:Law. Guys also got beards after a few days if they did not shave, and they would have to trim their hair as well. I would like to see that too. The average ranger might keep a scruffy stubble thing going, but when they go into a big city, they may want to shave it clean.
  • Clothes that can be worn both over and under armor. They don't have to give anything for armor factor or anything, but multiple layers would be awesome!
  • Visible jewelry. Every graphical MMOG i've played never shows your earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets! I'd like to start seeing these.
  • Differant colours and styles of animals. Sure, a horse is a horse, of course, but not all have to be grey. Give us a wide variety of horses, with differant breeds. Clydsdales would have more towing capacity. A thoroughbred would be faster etc.
  • Id also like graphical emotes, such as bowing, waving and the such.
Well im sure ill think of some more later and if its already been said or in the wiki im sorry and ill check it first next time

Edit: Oops i didn't use bullet points, sorry!
Edit: Fixed it for you -Sykoi

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